How to Make Santa Claus Cupcakes [video]

Brighten up any table with these colorful and very easy to make Santa Claus cupcakes.



1 box Cake Mix (any flavor, any brand)
1 can Betty Crocker whipped vanilla frosting
1 can red frosting or gel tube
1 handful mini marshmallows
1 handful red M&M’s or other red candy
1 handful chocolate chips
1 cup coconut flakes or white chocolate shavings


Prepare and bake the cupcakes according to instructions on the box.
Allow cupcakes to cool completely.
Apply frosting to 2/3 of the cupcake
Apply red colored frosting or gel to the previously unfrosted section of the cupcake.
Use a piping bag filled with white frosting to pipe a straight line along the border where the red meets the white.
Dip the bottom half of the white part of the cupcake in coconut flakes for Santa’s beard. you can also use white chocolate shavings for this step.
Add a mini marshmallow on the side of the cupcake to create a pompom effect on Santa’s hat. Be sure to add some frosting to the back of the marshmallow so it sticks.
Add chocolate chips for eyes
Add a red M&M or other candy for the nose

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